Will a spider lift improve the profitability of your tree-lopping business?

Will a spider lift improve the profitability of your tree-lopping business?

5 ways investing in an EWP can improve your bottom line

When you’re looking to improve your arborist business’s profitability, there are three main areas to focus on:

  • Minimising costs
  • Having a service that is valued and enables you to charge more, and
  • Working efficiently so you can be productive.

Investing in a spider lift can actually work to help you in all three areas. Let’s take a look at how.

1) Reduce your business costs

With a spider lift you’ll find you can complete more jobs in one day. And depending on the job, you may find that just one setup can sometimes reach a number of trees – which saves you time.

2) Improve your customer service

You’ll find you can win more business when you offer a more reliable, more efficient service with a spider lift.

By investing in a spider lift, your business will be recognised as a “one stop shop” that can handle a wider range of jobs.

For example, your climbers aren’t allowed to climb a dead tree – but they’ll have no worries with a spider lift. And with a knuckle boom, you can reach up and over to handle difficult locations very easily and quickly.

Working in a spider lift basket is very different to being in a harness. Your team can routinely deliver a higher quality, neater job than they could have when climbing trees themselves. Customers will appreciate the difference.

And if you’re working near roads, a narrow, nimble spider lift that’s quick and easy to set up may require less traffic control than a knuckle boom to get the job done – which gives you a competitive advantage.

All of this means that a spider lift helps you solve problems at a lower cost for your customers. For example, at a residence, it is quick and easy to clean up the gutters after tree trimming – which means you could start offering Property Maintenance services if you wish to do so.

3) Enhance your arbor business’s marketing

With a spider lift towed behind your ute, you’ll be seen by potential customers when you’re out and about on the roads. The vehicle’s signwriting will create awareness of your new capability, and people will see that you have everything on hand to do high quality work.

4) Create a professional look that allows you to charge more

Having a spider lift is an impressive, professional look for your operation – it looks like you mean business! It can help you set up an expectation of a professional service that delivers quality work.

5) Cut your labour costs

IIf you are in a competitive market for tree climbers, you could be paying up to $700 a day to employ professional tree climbers – or even more depending on their experience and the level of difficulty with the job.

Investing in a spider lift means you can have an employee working in the bucket using a different skill set, at around $230 a day.

Talk to us about spider lifts for arborists

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