What is an EWP?

What is an EWP?

Why an Elevating Work Platform could be the ideal tool for your business

An Elevating Work Platform is a mobile machine that’s designed to help you get your people, tools, and material to where you need them when you’re working. EWPs feature a work platform (with its controls), a structure that extends, and a chassis. Elevating work platforms can be self-propelled, trailer mounted (or towable), or truck mounted.

Though you’ll find many different varieties of EWP, they can be broadly categorised as either boom type or scissor type. Both these terms refer to the way the EWP extends.

Boom type EWPs can be self-propelled, trailer mounted, or truck mounted, and come with or without outriggers or stabilisers. They use a telescoping, hinged, or articulated mechanism (or any combination of these) to support their platform or basket.

Scissor type EWPs can only move in the vertical plane, and can’t telescope or rotate. They use linked, folding supports in a criss-cross 'X' pattern as a mechanism. Scissor type EWPs can be self-propelled, trailer or truck mounted, and come with or without outriggers or stabilisers.  

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Whichever EWP you’re looking at, the end game is to enable your people to safely work at heights. They allow you to do away with scaffolding, which is costly, slow to set up, and has a large footprint. With EWPs you also won’t need risky ladders or abseiling.

Elevating Work Platforms are safe, secure, and purpose built for the job. Most EWPs can be setup and operated by one person, which can help decrease your overall labour costs. They’ll allow you to reach large working heights and horizontal outreach far more efficiently than the alternatives.

Available categories of Elevating Work Platform

EWPs have a wide variety of features that can assist your business. They are available in both diesel-powered and electrical variants, which allows you to use them in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Depending on the type, an Elevating Work Platform’s Max Rated Capacity (MRC) for tools and people can be as much as a tonne, although most are around 200Kg. Even this lower MRC is enough for two people and their tools.

Some of the EWPs you can choose from include:

Trailer mount EWP

Also known as a cherry picker, these EWPs are usually under 3.5 tonne, which means you can easily tow them behind a ute. That makes them ideal for arborists and tradies.

They’re also easy to set up, which makes them more efficient since you won’t have to pay for a truck just to move the EWP around.

Truck mount

Because the weight of the truck creates stability, a truck mount EWP allows for a narrower footprint. Some may also feature telescopic legs.

With no time needed for hitching or unhitching, truck mount EWPs give you faster setup time. You can quickly move from tree to tree or pole to pole, which makes them good for street work.

A truck mount EWP can be slightly more costly to purchase, since you’ll be buying the truck as well as the machine.


Spider lifts

Also known as a self-propelled boom lift, spider lifts are a more affordable EWP option that can allow you to get closer to your application. They can be operated by remote control, or you can stand beside them. Spider lifts are ideal for narrow access applications.

Scissor lifts

A very simple machine, scissor lifts can be a very low cost EWP option. Yet they can also offer a large Max Rated Capacity, since they operate straight up and down.

On the downside, scissor lifts have limited applications because they have no outreach. They are ideal for shed builders, plasterers, and construction sites where you need direct access from alongside the worksite.

Rail boom lift

Mostly used to service or replace overhead powerlines for electric trains, rail boom lifts can also be used for bridge work, tunnel work, on signalling projects, and for construction.

This type of EWP is designed from the ground up for use on train tracks. They are built to Australian Standards in the rail industry, and are suitable for all Tri-Gauge rail networks in Australia.

Talk to us about EWPs

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