Top customer service for spider lift hire company

Top customer service for spider lift hire company

Our client describes his experience with Monitor Lifts

Dave Axer here from Spider Lift Hire based in Melbourne.



I’ve been in the industry now for eleven years. So I bought my first machine from Monitor, I think the old Leguan 125 almost eleven years ago.

I think the familiarisation and the popularity of spider lifts is just constantly growing. Just the fact that they’re now widely referred to as spider lifts, which has been a challenge over the years, to have them identified as not just a cherry picker or an EWP.

The customer service and the relationships that we have built with Monitor from Colin at the very top, all the way through to the technicians and the guys in the spare parts.

We have just always enjoyed the relationships and the service that we’ve got and certainly hope to continue that for many years to come.

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