Leguan 190 EWP offers improved access in tight spaces

Leguan 190 EWP offers improved access in tight spaces

Why a spider lift provides a safer option for Brisbane Tree Experts

The Leguan 190 spider lift has been a great addition to the Brisbane Tree Experts fleet. It has not only increased work efficiency but the longevity of the crew too.

One of the most important things that I was looking at when I purchased the machine was narrow access. You know, we work in Brisbane CBD here so not every job, not every tree is accessible with large machines. A lot of the time it’s climbing with nine plus metres of side reach from the turret, it really allows us to get out over pools, tennis courts, fences.

Excellent controls offer the right access at height

It’s user friendly, anybody hasn’t used a spider or a burnless EWP, whatever you want to call it, with the right coaching from someone who is qualified it is quite user friendly. With the way that the Leguan spider lift is set up, you can feather those controls to make really fine adjustments because when you are up that high the smallest amount of movement can really swing you around and it can be quite daunting.

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It’s quite smart, it’s quite clever. It will warn you and let you get to the point and then that is it. You can’t override it. You have either got to go higher, move the tower or completely rearrange the job.

Why would I recommend the Leguan? Access, access and side reach. Some of the jobs that we have completed with the tower, I couldn’t have put a climber in it. If I don’t feel safe climbing it, I wouldn’t expect my guys to climb it.

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