How a Monitor spider lift extended an arborist’s career

How a Monitor spider lift extended an arborist’s career

Chandler’s Tree Service enjoy a safer, more efficient access solution

Monitor Spider Lifts pretty much changed my life. I’m Robert Chandler, proprietor of Chandler’s Tree Service. I’ve been in the game nearly thirty years now and owned my own business for twenty years.

For fifteen years, I climbed trees myself and I was a bit dubious about buying a spider lift. Now I’ve bought the machine and you know, it does probably ninety percent of the work we have to do.

We thought about buying a cherry picker, but they are truck mounted and really too limiting for the type of work we do. Access is really important for me, since we mostly do residential work like working in people’s yards and gardens. Spider lifts can go into tight areas, which means to be really in the game, you need one.

The spider lift folds right up so you can get through doorways, around pools, through garages – it’s amazing where you can get to when you get across the machine’s capabilities.

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Spider lifts help arborists stay in the game longer

The spider lift has helped me to stay in the game a lot longer than I probably would have if I had’ve continued climbing.

Climbing trees for a living is hard, heavy work. You do get sick of putting the harness on every day and going up in very cold or very hot weather.


At first I was reluctant to try a spider lift because I felt it was ‘cheating’ a little bit – as an arborist, you really should be climbing! But as I got to know the machine I realised that it’s just so much faster, safer, and more efficient.

It’s more of a novelty for me to climb trees now, and I really enjoy it – whereas before it was really aches and pains and the daily grind was getting to me as I got a bit older.

So yeah, the spider lift has changed my life and I’d say it’s probably going to extend my longevity in the game by 10 or 15 years.

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Outstanding after sales service

When I was looking to buy a spider lift, I knew of Monitor’s reputation of how they pride themselves on excellent service and support. They have a good product and they know it very well, they’re very reliable. I didn’t look at anything else.

I’m now on my second machine from Monitor Lifts, I started with a 15 metre spider and we now have an 18 metre model that makes life that bit easier. Monitor’s after-sales service is great. They are after customers for life, and it really it shows in the care they offer you. They’re in it for the long haul.

If you’ve got any little problems, you give them a call and they try to fix it then and there, or they’ll send someone out and organise someone to have a look at it. But it’s never an issue and I think that’s really important.


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