Hire company benefits from Monitor Lifts’ support

Hire company benefits from Monitor Lifts’ support

Business depends on our stable team & consistent service

Hunter Cocks from Asset Hire in Fyshwick has enjoyed a 10 year relationship with Monitor Lifts. He says the business has strongly benefited from this long association.

“We originally bought an 18 metre truck mounted boom, and since then we’ve added to the fleet,” Hunter said. “We now have eight machines; a combination of truck mounted, spider lifts, and jack booms in a range of sizes – and we have plans to grow the fleet even more.”

He said that the specialised nature of spider lifts makes them a valued asset for his fleet. “There are other types of EWPs, but spider lifts are very specialised as they solve unique problems. So yes, people come to us specifically for them,” he said.

“The utilisation of spider lifts is very high,” Hunter said. “With equipment that gets used very regularly, for unique applications, it means our ROI is good.”

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Great support and service from the Monitor Lifts team

Hunter said he appreciates the service and support he receives from the Monitor Lifts team. “The guys at Monitor are terrific,” he said. “They take pride in their service and have long relationships with clients, and you can see why.”

“They understand that good machines in good order are fundamental to our business success, and they are very responsive with support,” Hunter said.

Hunter said that the Monitor Lifts team’s longevity seemed to him to be a major asset. “It isn’t just with clients, it is also internally. A lot of their people have been there for a long time, and their product knowledge is excellent. It makes life easier for us as a customer, and it makes working with them very easy,” he said.

“They have very deep technical knowledge, and they’re always available to advise if our mechanics have questions.”

Even though the spider lifts come from Europe, Hunter said that spare parts are never an issue. “They are right on top of it with a good supply in Australia. It’s never a problem,” he said.

Tech support is another area where Monitor Lifts excel, Hunter said. “Their servicing department is really very good. Their tech support is very responsive – we have six or seven mechanics, and if they have a question, Monitor always have the answer,” he said.

Good ROI from adding spider lifts to a hire fleet

Hunter Cocks said that spider lifts allow Asset Hire to fulfill more long-term hire opportunities. “Spider lifts are in demand for big projects, and we’ve used Monitor Lifts’ sub hire service from time to time when a customer has needed either a bigger or a smaller machine. It lets us offer a wider range of options and keep more of our customers,” he said.

Monitor Lifts’ training videos provide very good technical support for these situations, Mr Cocks said.

“Customers appreciate our flexibility,” Hunter points out. “It means they can do more, so they become regular customers. For example, we work with electricians and painters, and they give us repeat business thanks to our good relationships.”

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A family business you can rely on

What else would Hunter say about Monitor Lifts? “They just offer a consistently good experience,” he said. “You deal with the same people thanks to their low staff turnover, so the technical knowledge is always very strong.”

“They’re a family company and incredibly ethical,” Hunter said. “They do what they say they will do.”

Talk to us about spider lifts for hire companies

To find out how a spider lift could offer your hire company a new revenue stream, call Monitor Lifts on 1800 025 024 or contact us online.

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